Wines from the underground

Wines from the Underground

It is a simple story of three long time friends. One knew how to grow some grapes, one had the ability to create wine and the last had a lot to teach the other two about running a business. Starting from a humble beginning with a handful of grapes and a couple of barrels, subterra is a prime example of what you would expect from a vine to glass boutique winery. No detail is too small, and every part of the production process is carefully hand managed to create small premium quality lots vintage after vintage. Each day is a new adventure with the three friends and the wines show their dedication in every glass.

Our Team

Our Story

Subterra Wines were created by three guys who grew up in the wine country and have been friends for many years. After finishing high school they “branched out” down separate paths. Two friends fell into the wine industry via college and eventually asked a third, who had gained valuable business knowledge, to join the project. At the ripe age of 27 years old, the three partners decided to exploit their knowledge and do what they do best. Their overall goal is to create low quantity, high quality wines from the vineyards they have known since childhood. “Building Subterra Wines is fun, but takes work.”

Los Liones

Clone: 337
Rootstock: 110R

Subterra Cabernet Sauvignon comes from a one acre vineyard located 5 blocks from the Sonoma Plaza. The name Los Liones was coined in reference to the two proud lion statues gracefully standing guard over the entrance to the vines. It was originally planted in 1997 as a ploy to deter the local deer population from eating the flowers on the property. It was eventually discovered however this west facing, gently sloped, gravelly clay loam site is well suited for creating fruit of high quality and flavor. There are 459 vines in this vineyard and each one is hand tended throughout the year to ensure proper care in producing the finest grapes for our unique wine.

Wilson Ranch

Clone: Miscellaneous
Rootstock: AXR1, 5C, 101-14

Wilson Ranch Chardonnay is a vineyard with a scattered past. Planted in 1988 in the prestigious Sonoma Carneros American Viticultural Area located North of the San Francisco Bay. This area is well suited for Chardonnay development due to the prevalent cooling breeze and ample sunlight. The Zamora Silty Clay Loam soils lend to an even acidity and full flavor profile creating a stunning wine with plenty of personality. At just under 5 pounds per vine average yield, the canopy and foliage balances perfectly allowing scattered sunlight onto the clusters. Farmed sustainably with minimal input, this block will consistently produce high quality Chardonnay for years to come.


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